AYGET Holiday Enjoyment

AYGET Holiday Enjoyment

Gratuitous belching, belts unbuckling, top pants buttons releasing, sighs of satiation all point to a successful Thanksgiving. Most of us have been there year after year. As the holiday season is underway, AYGET? wants you to enjoy, but consider some things.

Enjoy the Holiday!

-Enjoy the holiday, but keep it in perspective. Take the time to reflect upon the people, things, situations etc., for which you are grateful. Take a minute to consider what the holiday truly means to you. Be real with that.

-Enjoy the holiday traditions, but don’t be so rigid that you become a slave to them.

-Eat, drink, and be.

Enjoy the food, fellowship, and family. It’s a special time. But give much attention to the latter two. You can get the food you want almost any time in some form or another. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have them, family and friends are another matter. Time with them is something you can never get back. Treat these special moments with care. Don’t take them for granted. Make the very best of these occasions and the people you’re with. Love and cherish them with no regrets.

Enjoy the food and drink, but remember that more than likely, you will have the opportunity to eat again the next day and probably a few more after that! Delight in these once a year treats, but don’t hurt yourself!

Happy Holidays from the AYGET? Team!

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