Brown Rice, Chickpeas, and Sweet Peas

Brown Rice, Chickpeas, and Sweet Peas


Another AYGET? simple, quick, nutritious recipe!


1 cup organic brown rice (approriate water for cooking the rice)

1 cup organic frozen peas

1 cup chickpeas

Sea salt to taste.

I don’t use canned chickpeas or sweet peas, but that is an option. I make my chickpeas from scratch (soaked overnight, rinsed, boiled until soft).

Cook the brown rice until soft.

When the rice is done, pour off the water. Add a little water and the sweet peas to the rice, and put it back on low to medium heat. This will thaw the peas. Add the chickpeas.

As the sweet peas thaw and the chickpeas warm, stir the mixture. Add sea salt and other spices to taste!

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