Gluten Free Mac n Cheese

Gluten Free Mac n Cheese

vegan mac cheese 1There was a time when macaroni and cheese was my favorite dish. Oh man, I could eat it all day, every day! I was somewhat of a MnC connoisseur–mac with cheddar, mac with provolone, mac with Velveeta, mac browned a little on the top, etc. I knew all the combinations. And I was a purist. I wanted nothing but cheese and noodles. It was true love. One day however I put together that dairy products, including cheese, did not share the same love for me.

As a little guy, I drank gallons of cow’s milk. I loved it ice cold with cake, brownies, and on cold sweet, crunchy cereal. Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks wouldn’t last a day. As I got a little older, I started having stomach problems. Either I was as thick as a rock or in denial because every time I consumed dairy, my stomach went nuts––bloating, cramping, wretched gas, mucus, and phlegm. I’d heard about lactose intolerance, but I said, “That’s something that happens to other people.” Well, I soon found out that I was “other people!”

vegan mac chees 2As I slowly but diligently removed dairy from my diet, I felt much better and many of my digestive issues and even sinus diminished. I read widely and discovered that there are many problems with dairy. I’m not telling anyone not to consume dairy, but I suggest that you do your own research. Try taking dairy out of your diet for a little while and see what happens. You can always put it back and eat as much as you want. I also recommend that you look at two books, Diet for a New America by John Robbins (HJ Kramer/New World Library, 2012). He’s the soon of the Mr. Robbins of the famous Baskin and Robbins chain. He has some incredible information to share. Also check out Milk the Deadly Poison by Robert Cohen (Argus Publishing, 1997. Cohen talks a lot about soy, of which I am not a big fan.). This one includes a lot of scientific data and references, but for those interested in health, both are musts for your library.

Gluten Free Vegan Mac n’ Cheese is delectable. I don’t eat it often, as I like to stick with fresh fruits and vegetables, but every now and then I like to knock down a bowl of this stuff. Some raw cashews, sea salt, a little almond milk, and a few other ingredients will surprise you.

Contact me, and I’ll gladly walk you through making this easy dish!

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