About Us

Origin of AYGET?

I have a number of passions — photography, music, and art. One that is very close to my heart is health and wellness. I was a sickly kid — chronic asthma, annual bouts of  strep throat and the flu, perpetual colds, allergies — you name it, I had it. But I always had this nagging curiosity about diet and health and its connection to how one feels. My health and wellness journey started in my last year in high school, when I began reading short books and pamphlets. In college I semi-consciously changed my eating habits by eliminating pork, then red meat, chicken and fish, and eventually nearly all animal products. My parents had a fit. My mother thought I joined a cult! But the change worked for me. I haven’t had an asthma attack in years — doctors told me I would have asthma for the rest of my life — and I haven’t had the flu in well over 20 years, and I’ve never had a flu shot.

Veganism, raw food, and diets like this aren’t for everyone, but watching what I put in my mouth worked for me. I also started looking at what I put on my body, as well as in it. The combination changed my life even more. I constantly research, read, and study.

Because of the knowledge I’ve gained and the wonderful results I’ve had, I have to share what I’ve learned with anyone who has an interest and is willing to listen. Thus, AYGET? was born! My wife and I work hard to create products that are the highest quality and affordable. We want others to think seriously about their health and wellness and provide products that will help them on their journey. Along with quality ingredients, TLC and a bit of ourselves goes into every jar and bottle. AYGET? is here to help those who want to be better and do better. It’s our hope that with our products we can play a role in helping you achieve your goals. AYGET? is a new company and big things are on the horizon. We look forward to serving you.